Work Right

Product Management

Jobs Management

Stock Management

Tracking Deliveries

Proof of Delivery

The Backstory

Work Right had an innovative idea that addressed one of the biggest concerns in infrastructure development: safety of construction workers in tall buildings. They had a service in place that allowed people to hire fencing systems for the workers to keep them safe. However, they were using paper dockets to keep track of everything and wanted to digitize the company.


The Client came to us with a clear goal, they wanted an efficient way replace the paperwork. They had a coherent idea of what they wanted with the app as it had to integrate seamlessly with the company and the work they were already doing.


We had previously developed a similar app for Site Linked, which also falls in the Construction Industry, with similar user management system, and an admin panel. Work Right served similar purpose for the company – which made it just our kind of project.

The purpose

What is Work Right?

The Managers

The administrators can organize and schedule pickup and drop, manage stock and create product categories. They can also keep track of all the drivers via the map feature.

The Drivers

The drivers have an easy operation interface which lets them know the date and address of a particular delivery. They can enter the number of items that were delivered and can take a picture at the end to verify the number as well as the successful delivery.

The Project Plan



Products Management

The administrator can add or edit product categories and their units of measurement. The application keeps track of the size of the product to make it easier to complete client orders. It also lets managers put in whether the product is returnable or not to avoid any confusion in the future.

Jobs Management

Administrators can assign tasks to drivers to pick up, drop off or transfer deliveries from one warehouse to the other. This helps spread out responsibilities across all available members rather than drivers picking up deliveries themselves and some getting a lot while the others sit idle.

Stock Management

This features lets people know exactly how many units of items are there in a particular warehouse, making it easy to take orders and not overbook an item and have to call the client back to cancel or reschedule it.

Tracking Deliveries

Tracking deliveries and knowing where a certain product is at any given time is makes it easier to schedule pickup and drop. If there is traffic on the way, the driver doesn’t have to reach an empty site, because with tracking comes estimated time of arrival which can be easily communicated to ensure there is always to someone overlook the delivery.

Photo proof

Proof of Delivery

It is always good to cover your track, so taking a picture of the delivery and having someone sign the delivery is a step in the right direction. The signature screen is large to allow people to sign comfortably.




Microsoft SQL Server. We chose this to store the data as it is preferred by most of the developers due to its ease of usage.



C# and JavaScript were used as languages in the development phase as they are considered to be one of the easy language to understand and is also very close to English.



These were the frameworks that we adopted for our development phase.

  • Xamarin IOS/Android: It is a one technology stack to code for all platforms. The reasons behind choosing this framework was that it provides a native user experience, supports the hardware completely and simplifies maintenance.
  • MVVMCross: This framework is specifically designed for Xamarin and the ecosystems of mobiles. It is capable of supporting Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.
  • Microsoft .Net:: It provides a unified environment that helps the developers to develop programs in C++, Virtual Basic or Java.
  • Angular: It is an open source web application framework. The reason of choosing this as a framework was that Angular binds the page DOM directly rather than adding inner HTML code. In addition to this it is supported by Google which has a great development community.
  • Web API: It is a framework which simplifies the building of HTTP Services and can be consumed or called by any of the application such as Desktop App, Mobile App, Web App. etc.
  • Entity Framework: This framework helps in auto generating the code which reduces the development time and development cost.



MVC (Model View Controller) and Multi-Tier Architecture. They are relatively common architectures that are used by the developers in today’s world.