Clock on/ Clock off

Attendance reports

Leave requests

Employee Dashboard

The Backstory

The clients are two friends in their late 20’s who are both in the construction industry and realised that everything in it was being done on paper, in a digital age. They wanted to update the building industry and make it easier for project managers to manage their budgets.


They had a basic outline in their minds of what they wanted the product to be. However, since the first meeting, much has been fine-tuned and many features have been added to make the product what it can be. We meet every 2 weeks and they are always excited about what we have accomplished in between the two meetings.


Although there are many ways of recording employee attendance, this approach uses an NFC tag to identify employees, which is the first of its kind in the construction industry in Australia, as far as we are aware. Always excited to be innovative, we knew this project would be right up our street.

The purpose

What is SiteLinked ?

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For the Project Managers

This technology makes it easier for the project managers to keep track of the workers and fore people on the site at any time.

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The Employees

Workers and Fore people don’t have to worry about the discrepancy between the hours they put in and hours they are paid for. This technology means it records the time in and time out perfectly. If an employee forgets the ID card, the foreperson can manually log them in, and make sure the working day is accounted for.

The Project Plan



Clock on/ Clock off

Employees can tap their ID cards, which have been fitted with a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, on a machine to clock on and clock off.

Attendance reports

The project managers can look at the daily as well as the weekly attendance reports of the employees. This feature makes it easier to process the hourly payment of the employees.

Leave requests

The employees can log in to view a leave request portal where they can ask the Project Managers for a leave. The project managers can accept the request or reject it, and add comments on the request if they wish to. The employee can then view if the request has been approved and read the comments that have been made.

Employee Dashboard

The project managers and foremen have access to individual employee dashboards which allows them to look at various things, including the leave requests and hours clocked on.



Highlighted Technology:

One of the notable technology that we included in this project was NFC (Near Field Communication) Scanner. Apart from ease of use, the main reason of using this technology was security. Near field communication often creates a secure channel for communication and uses data encryption when sending sensitive information between your phone and another device, such as a card reader.



Microsoft SQL Server. We chose this to store the data as it is preferred by most of the developers due to its ease of use.



C# and JavaScript were used as languages in the development phase as they are considered to be some of the easiest languages to understand and are very close to English.


These were the frameworks that we adopted for our development phase.

  • Xamarin IOS/Android: It is a one technology stack to code for all platforms. The reasons behind choosing this framework was that it provides a native user experience, supports the hardware completely and simplifies maintenance.
  • MVVMCross: This framework is specifically designed for Xamarin and the ecosystems of mobiles. It is capable of supporting Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.
  • Microsoft .Net:: It provides a unified environment that helps the developers to develop programs in C++, Virtual Basic or Java.
  • Angular: It is an open source web application framework. The reason of choosing this as a framework was that Angular binds the page DOM directly rather than adding inner HTML code. In addition to this it is supported by Google which has a great development community.
  • Web API: It is a framework which simplifies the building of HTTP Services and can be consumed or called by any of the application such as Desktop App, Mobile App, Web App. etc.
  • Entity Framework: This framework helps in auto generating the code which reduces the development time and development cost.



MVC (Model View Controller) and Multi-Tier Architecture. They are relatively common architectures that are used by the developers in today’s world.