With the rise of smartphone access and usage, apps have steadily become the most popular way to use the internet. While browsing the web, 70 percent users prefer going through an app, and despite there being a lot of free apps in the app store,
Software development is a fast-paced field of study where there are continuous innovations. Most developers are more concerned about trends that affect multiple industries and stick around for a long time, adding to the quality of life, than trends that come and go. The following
Technology has repeatedly improved our lives. From the invention of computers to smartphones, it has completely changed the way we communicate and the way we lead our lives. It has bought unimaginable distances within the reach of our fingertips. However, with the technological advances continuing
For many years it has been evident that Australia is just playing catch-up with countries like Switzerland and Sweden in the world of Innovation. Although Australia puts in considerable effort into the elements that foster innovation, Global Innovation Index (GII), the world's leading measurement of
Statistics on the use of mobiles and how it affects consumer behavior. From its humble beginnings in 1992, Smartphones have since taken over the world and infiltrated almost every household in the world. Australia is no exception to this growth. Eighty-eight percent of Australian people now own
With movies like Blade Runner and Terminator painting a picture of the world where robots take over, the progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes with a lot of speculation from the public. Although experts agree that AI will eventually be much smarter than humans, they
Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins have officially become mainstream. In 2017 they became so big that nobody could escape from it, and people were obsessively searching for it on Google, both what it was and how to get into it. A great example of this is when
The announcement of Facebook’s change in algorithms doesn’t seem to have had the effect CEO Mark Zuckerberg desired. Instead of being relieved and happy about connecting to friends and families in the place of viewing countless ads on business pages, Facebook users are enraged. Yet
Just in the last 6 months, 68% of Australians have used the sharing economy to earn and spend money, according to RateSetter Sharing Economy Trust Index (RSETI). Making money isn’t as straightforward as logging in time on a 9 to 5 job anymore. With the
An MVP is all about getting a product into the hands of your customers quickly and learning from their feedback. Importantly, it also hakeerves as a foundation for your engineering team to build on as your company grows. Before any code gets written, you will