Menswear startup tailors app to pick clothes based on Spotify tastes

Menswear startup tailors app to pick clothes based on Spotify tastes


  • Eison Triple Thread (ETT), a startup that makes tailored men’s clothing, this week debuted an app that picks clothing from its collection based on a mobile user’s listening habits on Spotify, per Racked. The menswear company’s Fits app retrieves the music history data of people who log into Spotify, the on-demand music streaming service with 83 million paid subscribers.
  • The Fits app also asks people to take a lifestyle quiz that gathers information about job and skin tone, which the company considers necessary to match clothing colors. ETT’s algorithm analyzes a user’s Spotify data and pairs styles with music genres and favorite recording artists.
  • Previously, ETT customized clothing picks based on 3D body-imaging technology from a startup called Body Labs, which Amazon acquired last year for $50 million to $70 million, per TechCrunch. That deal led ETT to look for other ways to personalize clothing recommendations.


Making clothing recommendations based on a customer’s music preferences is another way to customize the shopping experience for mobile users, but ETT also gathers additional information about its shoppers to provide style picks. ETT founder Jason Eison said the Spotify data can help to personalize its recommendations more than the common features on retailer websites that show what customers also bought to up-sell or cross-sell additional products. He also said the system isn’t as simple as recommending clothing just because a recording artist wears something similar, per Racked.

ETT makes clothing for the luxury market, with suit prices that range from $500 to $1,000, while shirts are $149. The company plans to extend its offerings to streetwear, which may present more opportunities to work with recording artists to sell clothing and merchandise. Spotify’s application programming interface (API) allows for data sharing about its users who opt in to reveal their listening history, which may open up additional marketing opportunities for more brands.

Along with opening its API to developers, Spotify has sought ways to increase subscriber revenue and ad sales in the crowded music streaming market. Last year, the company expanded its relationship with e-commerce site Merchbar to sell beauty products, in addition to artist merchandise. Spotify in April updated its free, ad-supported tier to give brands and marketers more chances to engage with listeners.

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